Breeze is a collection of my works with Illustrations
Breeze is a theme of Lost love and Loneliness. With ten illustrtions.

First Poem

The Endless flow
Of satire bleating!
Thoughts and flaws
Of loveless, lies!
A game that scans
At every meeting,
Plays out its love
Until it dies!

The endless flow
Of dreams repeating
Sights and sounds,
Backhand and sly.
The game, the plans,
Discordent greetings,
Trying hard to
Tell you why.

This game has rules
I need to learn
Or, lose each trick !
On every turn!
Or, substitute the
Cynical! - How?
There are no limits
To the endless, Now!

Page 9

I often hear the echo of
A tear, now distant, fall.
It sounds through out the universe
Left loveless by its call!
It says it never saw the signs,
Of being loved forever.
It says its friends never told it,
They would leave in better weather.
It says that lonely is the heart,
That never found the hunter.
But followed freedoms chosen course,
Of Baiting time in wonder.
It says 'Its really sorry'
To have pushed true love away,
Yet! Felt it had to side with those,
Intent on a different way.
A difference now that seems to be,
The result of being selfish.
It had fooled the heart,
That craved the need,
Of a sad, misguided fetish.

Page 21
Letting Go

Go child, I'll point the way.
Don't look for a reason,
Don't look to stay!
Just turn around,
Be on your way,
The tides on the turn,
At the end of May.

Your mother is crying,
Goodbyes are sad.
Don't look for a reason,
Don't look to the bad.
Kiss her gently,
On the cheek
Then quickly turn away

Now find your pride
To stand aside,
Don't look for a reason
Don't look to hide.
Grab your grip,
The hold in the ship,
It's filling up today.

Just! open the door,
Step right over,
Look out for the bus.
It's coming now
You've got to move,
Or chance will die
With the evening dusk!

Page 27

New release for a lonely life,
Now set in asapphire sea.
Where monsters rise
From murky depths,
Like your mind with its memories!

Like your mind with its memories,
Seeking for drunken treasure!
What's taken below,
Lays just out of sight.
It's never lost forever.

Its never lost forever,
But! How can the
Good be regained?
Bought to the surface,
All in one piece,
So that only dross would remain.

Page 33
Wander on

The worlds asleep - just turn the key,
Turn off the hardships of reality.
Wander on within one-self,
Revive life's book left on the shelf.
Burning sunrise full of light,
The early bird is in full flight.
See the forest ablaze, reddened fern,
Each changing season,
Awaiting its turn.
Icy canyons, mountainous terrain,
Afloat on the ocean, as our spirit gains!
Ride on the clouds, sail on the rain,
Over the rainbow and back again.
The race is on to race the stars,
A fleeting glimpse, of Jupiter and Mars.
Neptune,Saturn, a wonderous sight,
The jewels of his kindom
Shine out in their might!
Deep! In the universe - Indigo blue,
Colours are many and worlds anew.
Forces excel, Yet! never expire
In our hearts, eternal fire.
Return would now seem definite
As we leave the infinite.
Look over the moonbeam - follow its ray
Through sheer black night
Dawns another day.

Page 52
Coming Home

On the full tide
Coming home,
I've found myself,
Tho! Had to run!
I had set the pace,
Lengthened my stride!
It wasn't a race - but!
I didn't hide.

I measured the distance
From tear to fear,
Caught up with strength
Now they never come near.
The finish line,
Always in view,
Yet!I never came last
In what I had to do.

In order to define,
What is me?
I have have sailed the
Glorious! Seven seas.
I've lookd within
And met the challenge,
My lonely soul demanded.
Stayed the course
And stood my ground,
Where stronger men

Page 57

Don't you wonder, what it's all about?
Does she think, that we can't talk about!
She looks at me, then I'm all about,
Her loving me.

And I wonder, what she feels about?
Her crazy reasons, that leave me in doubt!
She talks with me, then I'm all about,
Her loving me.

I don't know her, when she moves about?
She's not with me, what's that all about!
I feel a fool, then I'm all about
Her loving me.

I turn around, she's with him about?
To walk away, leaving me in doubt!
I cry inside, then I'm all about
Her loving me.

Night times get longer, she's not about?
I say a prayer, I mostly wish about!
I feel her closer, then I'm all about
Her loving me.

Dawn breaks through, I think about?
Surrendered dreams, never come about!
The coming day, all may be about
Her loving me.

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